Do You Want to Help Empower Girls To:

  • Recognize and resist the negative influences in social media
  • Build their confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop their creativity
  • Not lose their unique selves
  • Become all they were created to be


Moms. Caregivers. Mentors. Teachers.

We have 3 Picture Perfect Opportunities for You!

First, please take 2 minutes to view this video that  exposes how the dangerous duo of sexualization and objectification is negatively impacting  girls today.

3 Picture Perfect Opportunities For You!


Opportunity #1 -
Our signature, transformational photography program for girls and young women

A one-of-a-kind photography-based empowerment program where a girl not only learns her true value, but also learns how to take better pictures!

Perfect for After-School and Community Programs!

Opportunity #2
Mother-Daughter Workshops

Moms! Take this wonderful opportunity to strengthen your bond with your special girl while both of you have fun building your photography and communication skills!

Get tools to successfully navigate those sometimes murky waters of the teen years.


Opportunity #3
Training for Mentors and Teachers

Are you a female mentor, educator, or community service provider who wants to make a positive impact in the lives of adolescent and teen girls? 

Are you looking for a turnkey opportunity to use?

You can  have your own photography-based empowerment workshops for girls, using our specialized, research-based curriculum.


A Gift for You!


Picture-Perfect Confidence:

5 Ways Photographs Can Empower Your Child


90-Day Transformational Coaching Program for Women

Are you tired of being stuck and not getting the results you want?

Are you ready to overcome the obstacles that have been blocking your success?

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Joan Rudder-Ward, MBA CPP

Coach, Trainer, Speaker

An expert in harnessing the power of the visual image, Joan Rudder-Ward, MBA, Certified Professional Photographer, is an award-winning television producer, photographic artist, filmmaker. and coach.

As a Creative Restoration coach, she brings 35+ years of her unique vision and skill in visual arts to effectively bring transformation into the lives of others.

She created her innovative photography-based personal development and change agent programs after years of research and successful implementation..

Film-making, television production, and photography are tools I use to inspire, encourage, and impart vision to others--tools that I use share the stories and visions of others, and to help others discover gifts and talents within themselves.

Doors of opportunity are open to me! That’s what this photo represents. Though in my life growing up in foster care, I may have felt the walls were closed in on me and I couldn’t get out, but, I now know that good things are ahead, as wonderful doors have opened for me. This workshop has helped me to see that!

Alicia Sanchez - Riverside, CA


Alicia Sanchez - Riverside, CA


One thing I've learned through the workshops is It’s okay to be myself. I am lovable the way I am. I won’t let others get me down. I will make changes that I can make. I will talk more positively about myself, because I am a valuable young woman.

Tiffany Moreno


Tiffany Moreno


The girls from our foster care agency thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and want to continue with more classes!

Jennifer Barraza

Aspira Foster Care Agency

Jennifer Barraza

Aspira Foster Care Agency

Working with Joan and all of her amazing lifestyle development programs has been life-changing. As a young adult taking her classes, I learned how to apply grace and kindness towards myself and others. Joan planted the seeds of love in my heart and gave me the tools to help them grow. Now I am a life coach and entrepreneur in the health and wellness spectrum.  Thank you, Joan and thank you, Lord for putting her in my path.

Letha Couglin

Wellness Coach

Letha Couglin

Wellness Coach

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Picture-Perfect Confidence:
5 Ways Photographs Can Empower Your Child