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Joan Rudder-Ward

Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Meet Joan โ€“ an award-winning visual storyteller, whose journey began with a passion for capturing moments through the lens. With over 35 years ofย  expertise spanning photography, filmmaking, and television production, Joan has mastered the art of harnessing the power of the visual image.

Joan brings a wealth of expertise to help you navigate life's challenges and seize its opportunities. Through her creative arts approach, you'll discover hidden treasures within yourself, learning to harness the power of visual media to bring about positive change.

With Joan by your side, you'll not only gain a deeper understanding of yourself but also uncover strategies to maximize your strengths for unparalleled success and fulfillment. Whether it's building self-esteem, amplifying your business presence, or pursuing personal goals, Joan's blend of creative insight and marketing savvy ensures you'll achieve remarkable results.

Don't just imagine a brighter future โ€“ make it a reality with Joan as your trusted companion on the journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

She is also the founder of  the Positive Image Network – a 501c3 organization with the mission to provide resources to support parents, guardians, and mentors in nurturing the personal development of adolescent/teen girls and young women.

She has been published in magazines and newspapers, and is the recipient of numerous awards for her service to the community through her photography programs, as well as awards for her producer and photographic expertise.

  • 2018 Telly Award Winner
  • 2017 People’s Silver Telly Award Winner
  • 2016 Dreams, Visionaries, and Leaders Honoree
  • 2013 Digital Artist of the Year – Inland Empire Professional Photographers and Videographers
  • Trailblazer Award 2010- For You Network
  • Making A Difference in the Community 2009- For You Network
  • Recipient The President’s Call to Service Award (George W. Bush) 2008
  • Woman of Distinction in Arts and Culture 2007- Girl Scouts San Gorgonio Council
  • Woman of Excellence in Community Service 2006- National Association for Female Executives
  • Outstanding Community Service -1996 Riverside County Board of Supervisors

Additionally Joan serves on the board of several organizations that work for the benefit of women and children. She is a sought after speaker for conferences that promote the welfare and well-being of children and girls/young women in our society.

Doors of opportunity are open to me! That’s what this photo represents. Though in my life growing up in foster care, I may have felt the walls were closed in on me and I couldn’t get out, but, I now know that good things are ahead, as wonderful doors have opened for me. This workshop has helped me to see that!

Alicia Sanchez - Riverside, CA


Alicia Sanchez - Riverside, CA


One thing I've learned through the workshops is It’s okay to be myself. I am lovable the way I am. I won’t let others get me down. I will make changes that I can make. I will talk more positively about myself, because I am a valuable young woman.

Tiffany Moreno


Tiffany Moreno


The girls from our foster care agency thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and want to continue with more classes!

Jennifer Barraza

Aspira Foster Care Agency

Jennifer Barraza

Aspira Foster Care Agency

Working with Joan and all of her amazing lifestyle development programs has been life-changing. As a young adult taking her classes, I learned how to apply grace and kindness towards myself and others. Joan planted the seeds of love in my heart and gave me the tools to help them grow. Now I am a life coach and entrepreneur in the health and wellness spectrum.  Thank you, Joan and thank you, Lord for putting her in my path.

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