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Adolescent and teen girls are the biggest users of social media.

During this time when most are having to complete school work online, they’re undoubtedly on social media more. While it’s a great place to keep up with family and friends, there’s also the dark side which girls are vulnerable to everyday:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Requests for nude photos
  • And more

In our workshops, we deal with these and other things that harm a girl’s positive identity of self.

Our next 6-week workshop, beginning soon, will be  highlighting safe practices for social media.

Enrollment is limited. Please contact Coach Joan for availability and to get any questions you have answered.
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Our workshops are designed to help girls:
  • Know that each one has a God-given purpose and destiny to fulfill
  • Develop their creativity and leadership skills
  • Recognize they are of value and help them to value themselves
  • Build and enhance their confidence and self-esteem
  • Discover the unique gifts and qualities they possess which they can offer to enrich the lives of their families, friends, schools, and communities
  • Learn to decode media messages

And they also learn to take better pictures!

Please check FAQ's below for answers to commonly asked questions.

Each Girl Receives Her Own Project Kit

Kit includes assignment booklet, and materials to create her three-panel storyboard, custom photo journal, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my daughter need to have a fancy camera?
No. Originally our students were only allowed to use 24-exposure disposable cameras, so they could learn to be more intentional with their image-capturing and use their resources wisely. However, now they can use any type of camera they have at their disposal… including cell phone cameras.  

What kind of supplies do I need to buy and where do I get them?
We supply the book boards, papers, stickers, and embellishments the girls use to create their storyboards and photo journals; and we ship them to you. She will need glue sticks, scissors, and her printed photos.

Where can we get prints?
it’s very convenient to upload  photos to various photo processing places that have them ready the same day. Many places also mail them to you. We have a list of suggested places you can use.

We don’t know how to use scrap-booking techniques. How will she know how to put her things together?
We will have videos giving instructional tips, or she can  schedule a time to have a private session with Ms. Joan or one of her assistants.

 How will she take pictures for her assignments if we are in ‘shelter at home’ mode?
The photos for the assignments can conveniently be taken at home. Family members can pitch in and help with the assignment where she needs others to take certain photos of her.

Will she learn any photography techniques?
Yes, a photography technique is taught in each lesson.  We are also putting together teaching videos that cover techniques.

What if she misses a live lesson?
All sessions will be recorded and a replay will be made available within 24 hours following.

What if she has a question or needs help with something after a lesson?
She can email us and will receive a response as soon as possible.




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12 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Daughter

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Doors of opportunity are open to me! That’s what this photo represents. Though in my life growing up in foster care, I may have felt the walls were closed in on me and I couldn’t get out, but, I now know that good things are ahead, as wonderful doors have opened for me. This workshop has helped me to see that!

Alicia Sanchez - Riverside, CA


Alicia Sanchez - Riverside, CA


One thing I've learned through the workshops is It’s okay to be myself. I am lovable the way I am. I won’t let others get me down. I will make changes that I can make. I will talk more positively about myself, because I am a valuable young woman.

Tiffany Moreno


Tiffany Moreno


The girls from our foster care agency thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and want to continue with more classes!

Jennifer Barraza

Aspira Foster Care Agency

Jennifer Barraza

Aspira Foster Care Agency

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12 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with your Daughter
Simple but essential things that are so easy to miss!