Five Photos Parents Should Take of Their Child Every Year

favorite things Dec 15, 2019

Many parents know the importance of documenting milestones in their child’s life.
We make sure to record birthdays, holidays, and other special events– and the relative ease of picture-taking with today’s cell phones and digital cameras, makes it easy to capture more and more images of that daily slice of life (and share on places like Facebook and Instagram!)

This article covers five photos that, I believe, parents should be sure to take every year. They seem like no-brainers as these images are also important milestones, but they can be easily overlooked and even forgotten, if the intention is not made to record them.

With their friends
Most childhood friendships are cherished ones. There may be friends who are lifelong, and friends who are just there for a time period. There are times friends separate for various reasons, yet reconnect when adults. How wonderful to be able to reminisce over good times with photos from a portion of childhood shared together....

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Have youth create their own vision boards

favorite things Oct 16, 2019

The concept of using pictures to help reach a particular goal is not a new one. If we haven't done so ourselves, we usually know of someone who has—the co-worker whose cubicle wall is decorated with travel brochures for that desired dream vacation; the dieter who tacks a photo of a new outfit on the refrigerator door; slick pages from a car catalog in an acrylic frame on the desk of someone striving to get that new car.  There are even workshops that show adults how to bring these together  to create what's know as  vision boards.

Many business professionals use a simple vision board concept-- arranging meaningful images cut from magazines, on a sheet of poster board or a cork bulletin board—to help them reach goals professionally and personally. The key is to have images that represent the desired results from reaching those goals in a place where you can see it everyday.

Why Teach Adolescents How to Create Vision Boards

Children and teens can benefit...

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